Who We Are

Dataology as the name says “data is a science” focuses in unfolding the hidden value in your data and helps organizations to provide more value to their customers by data management and data governance.

About Dataology:

  • Launched in January 2012, focusing on Enterprise Information Management niche customer needs and Virtual Robotics

Our Team:

  • 20 years of consulting experience in the Enterprise Information management space and resourcing.

Our Expertise:

  • Specialized in implementing MDM and MDG on ERP and non-ERP systems
  • Strong expertise in Data Management in ERP & Non-ERP systems
  • End to End Data Management Solutions Implementation
  • Virtual Robotics platform revolutionizes the staffing industry.

Dataology also has built a unique talent management system through a “telepresence robot” named YouBe. In today’s challenging times it’s become more important for organizations to find the best talent that can work from home or anywhere else, at a reasonable cost Nationally or internationally, while maintaining the security of Data. Our YouBe model makes this happen for private sector as well as government sector

Data Management & Governance

- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
- Master Data Management (MDM)
- Data Stewardship & Governance
- Business Intelligence
- Data Warehousing
- Data Migration
- Data Quality & Enrichment
- Big Data and Big Data Analytics
- Data in Cloud
- Predictive Analytics

Dataology’s Data Stewardship Services

- Engage with stakeholders across the organization who understand your data and what it means to uncover issues and understand dependencies
- Establish an organizational structure that includes escalation hierarchies, ownership context, and responsibilities
- Protect sensitive data by creating processes and policies for its use

Our Capabilities

Award winning Executive Engagement Expertise

First Global Master Data Governance Strategy

Proven expertise in providing world class resources across the globe

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The Solution: YouBe ™

Our Virtual Robotics platform is tailored to:

Improve IT workers efficiency by working remotely
Bring IT jobs back to America
Recruitment Empower physically challenged and commuting employees

Why YouBe ™ ?

The YouBe ™ model provides on-site and off-site employees!
Custom algorithm to quickly find potential ‘fits’ for your open roles across 50+ different channels.
Manage your remote employees better through our YouBe ™ virtual employee offering, allowing you to administer your remote workforce better. This not only reduces costs, but also improves work efficiency.
YouBe ™ Software Capabilities: (1) Audio-Video conferencing (2) Real-time collaborative whiteboard (3) Time Logging (4) Video Archiving
A unique interview and vetting process wherein each candidate undergoes rigorous testing and psychometric analysis.
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  • Business Challenge : Finding the right resources at low hiring costs.
    Dataology Solution : The YouBe ™ recruiting solution provides a surplus of qualified, vetted candidates based on selected positions, at a low monthly subscription. Our monthly subscription allows organizations to choose several roles in different departments with various titles. Our model helps hiring managers forecast monthly hiring costs for better budgeting, without worrying about additional placement fees or percentage of employee's annual salary.
    End Result : Dataology’s team built a solution which was accepted enterprise-wide by the leadership.
    “I was impressed with Dataology team’s expertise and how they worked seamlessly with Business and Technology.”

    Mr. Sesha Reddy

    Data Management
  • "The Data Governance journey in which AES has embarked on is critical for its business to achievethe next level in Information Management across its enterprise. In this journey we teamed withDataology to implement the entire MDG solution has enabled us to reach the goal of leveragingdata as enterprise asset ensuring Stewardship, Master Data Management & Data Quality. We areglad we chose Dataology for this project - they bring in world-class consulting skills, superbproject execution capabilities, and a high degree of predictability and reliability, besidestechnological excellence to customers like AES along with an excellent Offsite Model of projectexecution".

    Mr. Alejandro Reyes

    Global IT Governance at The AES Corporation
  • "Data Governance strategy at Honda was a large initiative and critical for its business to successfully implement SAP and manage data going forward. Dataology was brought in to analyze current stage, define data standards, design Data Governance and Data Quality rameworks and get them accepted from the leadership to be implemented for Honda's North American business units i.e. CA, Ohio, Mexico and Canada. I was impressed with Dataology's expertise in Data Governance space and how they worked seamlessly with Business and Technology Teams"

    Mr.Sesha Reddy

    Data Governance Lead at Honda